Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg is a generic Viagra that is released in a jelly form. The jelly form has a pleasant taste: strawberry, apple or banana. It has also a quick time of effect onset. This oral jelly sildenafil begins to act twice as fast as its analog in tablet form. In addition, many men experience psychological problems and discomfort when taking aphrodisiacs in pills. The jelly can be applied anywhere and at any convenient time by simply dissolving it in any soft drink. Due to the sildenafil as the main active ingredient, Kamagra Oral Jelly has the characteristic limitations and contraindications inherent in drugs of this group. The drug effect can last 4-6 hours.

Indications for use

  • Low sex drive;
  • Psychosomatic or physiological sexual disorders;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Propermia, oligospermia;
  • Impotence;
  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, overwork, stress.

Instructions for use

Take 1 sachet of Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg 20-30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. If desired, the contents of the sachet can be dissolved in a soft drink. The bag is produced for single use. Do not take with alcohol. This oral jelly should not be used in conjunction with other stimulants.

Mechanism of action

The action of Kamagra gel is aimed at restoring the natural erection mechanism. There is no stimulating or hormonal effect on a man’s body. The use of the medication eliminates the enzymatic activity responsible for the suppression of erectile function. In fact, the enzymatic balance is restored in the body, as a result of which it is possible to stabilize the process of blood supply to the pelvic organs, relieve muscle and vascular spasms, and normalize the blood filling of the cavernous bodies. One dose of the drug is enough to restore the man’s ability to get and keep an erection during sexual excitement. Thanks to symptomatic therapy, it is possible to temporarily cope with the pathology.


You should not take Kamagra Oral Jelly if you have or suffer from:

  • intolerance or allergic reaction to sildenafil citrate and excipients;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • severe arterial hypertension;
  • severe arterial hypotension;
  • severe cardiac arrhythmias;retinitis pigmentosa;
  • priapism;
  • anatomical penile deformities.

Also, the drug is not recommended for men under 18 years of age.

Side effects

In most cases, no side effects are found when taking Kamgra Oral Jelly. In rare cases, it is possible:

  • the occurrence of an allergic reaction to sildenafil citrate;
  • violation of color perception;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • face redness;
  • nasal congestion;
  • discomfort in the epigastric region;
  • heartburn.