Peri.4U  – Human iPS Cell-Derived Peripheral Neurons

Peri4U Human iPS Cell Derived Peripheral Neurons

Peri.4U overview 

Peripheral neurons play an important role in transmitting signals between the periphery and the central nervous system. Axiogenesis has developed human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived peripheral neurons, named Peri.4UTM , representing a new standard for drug development. Applications include functional and general neurotoxicity assays (e.g., peripheral neuropathy) as well as release testing for botulinum N toxin. 

Peri.4UTM  represent a highly translational and cost effective in vitro model system given the following advantages:

Fully differentiated, homogeneous culture validated in morphological, electrophysiological and pharmacological assays

  • Highly translational and cost effective in vitro model system for neurotoxicity applications
  • Validated in morphological, electrophysiological and pharmacological assays
  • Ready-to-use with long-term viablity in culture (>3 weeks)
  • High sensitivity for botulinum N toxin



Peri4U Ca++ TransientElectrophysiological characterization of Peri.4U: Peri.4UTM  reveal significant TTX-sensitive inward and at least two types of outward currents (transient and non-inactivating) (A). Current Injection elicits primary-like action potentials (B). A subset of Peri.4UTM  exhibit spontaneous activity (C).


Assays and Applications

 Peri.4UTM  have been validated in the following assays and applications:

  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Manual patch clamp
  • Microelectrode array (MEA)
  • Calcium sensitive dyes
  • Voltage sensitive dyes
  • Neurite outgrowth assay (high content analysis)


Peri.4UTM for functional neurotoxicity assessment

Peri4U MEA Data

Peri.4UTM allow non-invasive long term recordings of neuronal activity in MEA. Peri.4UTM cultivated on microelectrode array (MEA) systems exhibit burst-like spontaneous activity 16 electrodes of of a 48 well Axion MEA measurement (A). Peri.4TM burst activity on long term MEA measurement (B). Peri.4UTM on MEA provides an optimal tool to assess neurotoxicity, as shown for the reference compound fipronil (C).

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Ax-B-HP02-2M: 2 x 10^6 frozen cells (vial)


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