Cor.4U – Human iPS Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Cor4U human iPS Cell derived cardiomyocytes

Product overview

In vitro differentiated human cardiomyocytes are an essential tool not only for general cardiovascular research but also to address key unmet needs in drug development and pre-clinical research markets:

  • Cardiotoxicity is a major cause for compound failure in P2/3 clinical programs of drug development. New testing systems, such as iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, enable the assessment of the safety pharmacology core battery at the pre-clinical stage
  • The leading cause of morbidity in developed countries is cardiovascular disease. A major constraint for the development of adequate therapies has been the lack of suitable cell-based assays with physiological relevance

Axiogenesis provides well - characterized, human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell-derived cardiomyocytes, named Cor.4U® , which represent a highly translational and cost effective in vitro model system with key advantages:

  • Predictive and physiological in vitro cell system broadly applicable drug development and preclinical research purposes
  • Established model system for cardiac preclinical safety assessment, currently validated by the CiPA initiative
  • Applicable for HTS since it allows for quantity, consistency and efficiency – Get your results in 3 days or less



Beating Cor.4U Cardiomyocyte

Beating Cor.4U. 40x magnification of a beating Cor.4U (human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes).


Cor.4U composition

Cor.4U electrophysiological characterization ITAManual Patch Clamp analysis of Cor.4U® cardiomyocytes. Current clamp recordings from single Cor.4U® cells show typical ventricular-, atrial- and nodal-like action potentials, demonstrating the different Cor.4U® subtypes. Cor.4U® comprises 60% ventricular cells


 Assays & Applications

Cor.4U Impedance NanionExtract of Impedance measurements with Cor.4U® cardiomyocytes. The data shows regular beating Cor.4U® cardiomyocytes syncytia 30h after plating. Pharmacological measurements can be performed once a stable beating is obtained.

Cor.4U® have been validated in the following assays and applications:

      • Manual and automated patch clamp    [ Poster 1 ] [ Poster 2 ]
      • Impedance measurements    [ Poster 1 ] [ Poster 2 ]
      • Microelectrode array (MEA)    [ Poster ]
      • Calcium sensitive dyes    [ Poster ]
      • Voltage sensitive dyes [ Poster ]   
      • Cell metabolism analysis   [ Poster 1 ] [ Poster 2 ]
      • Organotypic 3D culture    [ Video  ]
      • Cell contraction force    
      • High content analysis (e.g., hypertrophy disease modeling)    [ Poster 1 ] [ Poster 2 ]





Drug testing on Cor.4U using calcium transients analysis in a HTS assay format


cor.4u heat map intracellular calcium transient measurementHeat Map of drug effects on Cor.4U® cardiomyocytes (Assay: HTS intracellular calcium transient measurement)


Ordering information

Next day delivery is available for both European and US customers.

For sales inquiries and data requests, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Order Information Cor.4U

Ax-B-HC02-MPC: 0.25 x 10^6 frozen cells (vial)
Ax-B-HC02-1M: 1.0 x 10^6 frozen cells (vial)
Ax-B-HC02-4M: 4.0 x 10^6 frozen cells (vial)
Ax-C-HC02-APC: 0.5 x 10^6 fresh cells (flask)
Ax-C-HC02-FR1 1 x 10^6 fresh cells (flask)
Ax-C-HC02-FR3 3 x 10^6 fresh cells (flask)
Ax-C-HC02-96: fresh cells (96 well plate)
Ax-C-HC02-384: fresh cells (384 well plate)
Ax-C-HC02-EPL: fresh cells (96 well xCELLigence plate)
Ax-M-HC250: Cor.4U@ Medium (contains FBS)
Ax-M-BMCC250: Cor.4U@ Medium (without FBS)


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