=> Dr. Ben Bader, Neuroproof GmbH, 2015:

„For our phenotypic and functional screening mouse primary neuronal networks have served very well for many years so my expectations on stem cells were high but few showed high potential. Axiogenesis Dopa.4U neurons exceeded the expectations I had on the functional complexity of human iPSC-derived neuronal network which now allows transferring our functional assay to human iPSC neurons.“  

=> Dr. Oliver Klink, PoreGenic Biosciences GmbH, 2015:

„iPSC derived neurons provided by Axiogenesis are an optimal tool for the development of our patch clamp chip for adherent cells (GridClamp). Short-term culture, impressive and easy establishment of the giga-seal and  minor leak are a huge advantage compared to primary neurons. We would like to thank Axiogenesis for the excellent support and collaboration regarding Dopa.4U iPSCs. We are looking forward to a continued successful cooperation“ 

=> Dr. Paolo Cesare, NMI Institute, 2015:

„Axiogenesis Peri.4U neurons offer a great opportunity to scientists working in the field of nociception. They are easy to handle, provide reproducible results and can potentially substitute animal-derived primary sensory neurons. An additional asset is represented by the team behind Axiogenesis: competent and inspiring, it will strive to assist you during the whole discovery process“

=> Dr. Susana L. Alcantara, Essen BioScience Inc., 2015:

„Having worked with primary and iPSC derived neurons for many years, I find Axiogenesis cryopreserved neurons easy to use, highly viable, and morphologically optimal for neurite outgrowth studies. Very clear concise protocols and good support further improves the experience of working with Axiogenesis neurons“

 => Dr. Urs Thomet, Anaxon AG, 2015:

„Due to todays possibilities in molecular genetics, the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells has an enormous potential to help improve attrition rates significantly. Axiogenesis was able to provide our analysis centre with hIPSC based cell models that proved to be highly relevant when addressing CNS disease modeling.“

=> Dr. Antoine Dumoulin, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, 2015:

„Pierre Fabre Laboratories need to early evaluate any possible effects of a drug lead on the cardiac function. Implementing a medium throughput test using Cor4U human cardiomyocytes has been a valuable option for this early functional evaluation. After validation that allowed us to assess the associated sensitivity of this method, this test now constitutes a key step to derisk a lead/candidate, and anticipates heavier evaluation such as Purkinje fibers or telemetry studies. The flexibility, swiftness and reliability of this Cor4U based cell testing make this test one of the centrepieces of our de-risking strategy."

=> Prof. Dr. Elke Günther, NMI-TT GmbH, 2015:

„To work with Axiogenesis means to work with a trustful partner on a high efficient and professional base, as we do in many projects for a long period of time. To work with Axiogenesis cell lines, as hiPS cardiomyocytes and neurons, means always to work with cells of a constant high quality capable to generate reproducible results necessary in our CRO business.“

=> Dr. Nadine Becker, Nanion Bioscience GmbH, 2015:

„We have had an outstanding relationship with Axiogenesis for many years, working closely with the team in Cologne. We greatly benefit from their deep scientific expertise, the consistent high quality cells and the reliable and quick service they are providing. It is a pleasure to work with Axiogenesis and we look forward to continue our successful collaboration.“

=> Dr. Udo Kraushaar, NMI TT Pharmaservices GmbH, 2015:

„We are very pleased with Axiogenesis Cor.4U® cells, as they have simple and robust protocols, especially the fresh cells have short cultivation times. The size of the signals in our Multi Electrode Array assay (MEA) are large providing a good the signal-to-noise ratio. We get an average of 91 % of wells plated with good, evaluable signals which is clearly in the upper range compared to other human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes we validated. With Cor.4U® cells we mainly offer substance screening on MEAs in the multi-well format, as well as manual and automated patch clamp (Patch Server) at the NMI-TT Pharmaservices GmbH.“


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